While a bit unusual for a writer to post a resumé on their website, I think it’s important for readers to know who a writer is outside of their time spent at the keyboard. It drives me insane to see so many writers opine on world issues, philosophy, or history without readers having any idea of who they are, who they’ve worked for, or what interest they might have in advancing a particular opinion. How much commentary have you read online by authors who are merely a picture and a name? By revealing my professional background, travel, volunteer work, education, and memberships, I hope you can at least get some idea of who I am as a writer and what perspective I write from.

Professional Background

  • Infantry/Company Intelligence Support Team, United States Army | 2011-2013

  • Civil Affairs attachment, US Army Reserve | 2013-2016

  • Union Organizer, American Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO) | 2014

  • Military Veteran Organizer (TX), Democratic National Committee | 2014-2015

  • State Coordinator (TX), Martin O’Malley 2016 presidential campaign | 2015-2016 (supported Bernie Sanders after O’Malley’s withdrawal)

  • Contractor, Department of Defense | 2016-Present

  • Middle East Advisor on Board of Advisors, Humanists Global | 2019-Present


Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Netherlands, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany, Curaçao, Argentina, Romania, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Ukraine, England, France, Spain

Volunteer Experience

Robin Hood Tax USA, Emy Lyons for State Representative campaign (TX), Denton County Democratic Party, Secular Student Alliance/North Texas atheists, Al Franken 2014 senate reelection campaign


  • University of North Texas: Integrative Studies (Philosophy, Biology, Psychology) | 2010, 2013-2014

  • Rutgers University, Bildner Center for the Study of Jewish Life: Jewish Courses Online (History of Zionism, Jews Under Islam, Inquisition & The Jews) | 2019

Past & Present Memberships/Affiliations

Democratic Socialists of America (2017-2019), National Writers Union (2018), Liberal Gun Club (Present), New Israel Fund (Present), Humanists Global (Present)