In addition to being a brother and son, I'm a Jewish-American writer, veteran, humanist, stoic, and proud member of the anti-totalitarian left. My professional background includes a mixture of military service, political organizing, and defense contracting. Due to my work I have lived and traveled all over the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. My writing has been featured at The HumanistAreo MagazineOutlaw Poetry, and Wrath-Bearing Tree; but what you can expect to find on my personal website (where I shout into the void and hope the void shouts back) are my personal reflections on philosophy, history, current world affairs, and— occasionally— food, along with books I've written, books I recommend, and photos of my travels.

Intellectual influences include (but are not limited to): Christopher Hitchens, George Orwell, Gore Vidal, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Sidney Hook, Voltaire, Michael Harrington, Marcus Aurelius. I've been loving life for twenty-seven years and hope to love life for seventy-three more.