“Many a man will say, ‘After my fiftieth year I shall retire and relax; my sixtieth year will release me from obligations.’ And what guarantee have you that your life will be longer? Who will arrange that your program shall proceed according to plan? Are you not ashamed to reserve for yourself only the tail end of life and to allot to serious thought only such time as cannot be applied to business? How late an hour to begin to live when you must depart from life! What stupid obliviousness to mortality to postpone counsels of sanity to the fifties or sixties, with the intention of beginning life at an age few have reached!… Certain people who brag of their foresight are the stupidest of all. They are always preoccupied with work so that they may be in a position to live better; they spend life in making provision for life. Their plans are designed for the future, but procrastination is the greatest waste of life. It robs us of each day as it comes, and extorts the present from us on promises of the future. Expectancy is the greatest impediment to living: in anticipation of tomorrow it loses today. You operate with what is in Fortune’s hand but let go what is in your own. What is your range? What is your objective? Everything future is uncertain; live now!” —Seneca

Chernobyl (2019)

Greece (2019)

West Bank (2019)

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Monticello (2018)

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