Because I am fortunate enough to be able to provide a living for myself, I do not have a Donations button on my website. But if you're inclined to give, I do encourage you to get involved with the following charities:


The Fisher House Foundation provides American military families comfort homes where they can stay at no cost while their service member is receiving medical treatment. This organization is especially helpful to underprivileged military families who may not otherwise be able to afford travel to see their wounded service member. This is a really great cause and I hope you'll chip in a few dollars for our men and women.



Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) was established by a group of Holocaust survivors to help provide for the needs of IDF soldiers and their families. Through donations the organization provides educational opportunities, care for wounded Israeli soldiers, organizes support groups for bereaved families, builds clubs and recreation centers for IDF soldiers, and supports the IDF in a number of other ways (which you can discover in detail on their website). I would also encourage you to look specifically at FIDF's Adopt A Brigade program, where your donations buy top-of-the-line gear and supplies for IDF soldiers (jackets, gloves, refrigerators, stoves, radiators, food vouchers, etc.) I personally support the Paratroopers Brigade. This charity is a great way to stand with Israel.